A Makeup Artist or an Esthetician?

The career options in the present generation have increased tremendously. As there were only a limited amount of courses to choose from in the previous years, now the entire scenario has changed. The people nowadays are getting more and more career options to choose from according to their interests and likings. In the generation of technology and robots, there are people who are also concerned about your looks too. Though it is the makeup artist or the esthetician, people have found their ultimate path of their careers and are ready to achieve then heights that they have always dreamt of. And as the number of career options has increased then so has the competition. The people around the world are also getting confused on the choices of their careers. One such career option is the industry of beauty. The makeup artists and the estheticians, these are one of the common confusion among them. So, here we shall discuss each of them in details and then you will know which one is better for you.

A makeup artist comes up with different and creative ways to decorate the skin, whereas an esthetician is concerned with keeping the skin vibrant, beautiful and healthy.


    They provide facials, body wraps, and depilation and exfoliation treatment.

    No need to find new clients every now and then as their salon or the spa that they are working does that work for them.

    They need a valid esthetician license to get work.

    They usually have a full-time job in spas.

    Salary is comparatively low.

Makeup Artist:

    Provides service to models, actors, brides etc.

    They are self-employed and need to find their own clients.

    No need for a license to work. The only talent is the job requirement.

    They usually do it as a freelancer. Or have a temporary job.

    Have higher salary in terms of client gathering ability.…

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