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My dads DNA kicked in and my hair went dark.

My dads DNA kicked in and my hair went dark. It wasn't that big of a deal, compared to the pink stirrup pants that made me look like a piglet in third grade and the spinach in my teeth in my fifth-grade school picture.

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In sixth grade I got my first professional highlights as a birthday present. My dull brown hair went bright and blond. The reflection in the mirror looked like the girls in the magazines and on TV, a least a little. I was hooked.

I started asking for highlights for every available holiday. All I wanted for Christmas was to be blond. And beautiful. The two things became interchangeable for me.

A regular babysitting job in high school gave me the income to up my trips to the salon. Every other month I spent everything I had to stay blond.

It was my dirty little secret.

Everyone I knew assumed I was naturally blond, like my mother. They reinforced my blond obsession every time they told me how lucky I was to have such pretty hair.

Blonds really did have more fun.

Somewhere along the way obsession became an addiction. In college I was at the salon at least once a month, if not more. I went lighter and the highlights turned into all over platinum.

My greatest fear wasn't death or failing a class, it was someone discovering I wasn't a natural blond.

All of my self-worth and happiness was wrapped up in my hair color. Attention from guys, free drinks, even the sweet older ladies who called me Honey . I attributed it all to being blond, naturally.

Without blond hair, I was nothing.

How important is hair color to our self-worth? Do you identify yourself based on your hair? Is anyone else currently, or ever been, obsessed with being blond?

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