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Gillette Safety Razor and the Art of shaving

If, after your morning shave get redness, rash or hair you turn, try to shave in the shower. After a few minutes the hot water will expand your pores and make the skin much softer, but most importantly the beard and mustache you will also soften and shaving will become much easier than if you just splashed some water over the sink. Furthermore, no one is calling you realize what you do so long inside.

Find the best angle

For really close shave with Gillette safety razor first legal moves in the direction of the hair, only then start back. Shaving "in office" irritating to skin the most, so you must be very careful with it.

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Do not mix two flavors

Once you put aftershave, you should use the same perfume or deodorant, because if you mix the smells, the result will not be good at all. If you do not have a kit, use aftershave lotion with a faint odor and then apply the basic odor.

Shaving time

Above all it is important that your Gillette Safety razor is sharp and high quality. Not once it came that dull knives are one of the main culprits for the bad result. Once armed with really sharp knives, follow these simple steps for a smooth as a baby's skin.

Step 1 (30 seconds) Exfoliate your skin

Removing dead skin cells will greatly improve the condition of your skin and make it smoother.

Step 2 (30 seconds) Preparation

Furthermore Gillette aftershave Balm has products before. Start using oil with which to prepare your face. A few drops will provide you with really smooth skin. Very good combination with Gillette safety razor.

Step 3 (2 minutes) Lather

The brush is very convenient for this purpose, whether or not using a cream, foam or gel. It will fill all the rough spots and dimples. If you still prefer your hands, use the occasion to massage your skin. Wait for a while to soften your beard of foam before you start with the actual shaving.

Step 4 (2 minutes) Shave

If the razor blade and you have a level shaving should not take you more than 2-3 minutes. Be most careful in problem areas around the mouth and nose, whiskers also do not want to go to work with one ear Van Gogh style.

Step 5 (10 seconds) is patched

You cut yourself? Do not worry! To close the backpack is best to use alum. That little forgotten colorless crystal of that stops small bleedings very quickly.

Step 6 (30 seconds) Moisturizing skin after usage of safety razor Gillette

Leave your face damp and massage with moisturizing lotion or aftershave to allow your skin to absorb moisture. Step 7 (5 minutes) Recovery

Once a week, treat your face with a clay mask, it will help your skin to recover from the grueling shaving. Can really scare your friend when you see the blue face in the bathroom, but this ointment has an amazing effect.

Here are some interesting facts about shaving, which is good to know:

The average age at which women start to shave: 14 years

The life of a razor blade: 1 week

Average number of shaves per week: 5 times

Percentage of men who shave while driving: 4% (including Mr Bean Beard, which had recently returned to fashion goatee, but Fred Durst and not like a funny goat.

Women who do not like any beard and prefer clean-shaven men: 29%

Men who prefer their partners to be shaved ("down there"): 40%

Men who say "Let's grow at will": 5%

Men who shave their genital area: 79%

Men who shave their chest: 1 of 10

Men who pluck your eyebrows yourself or by a professional: 1 of 50

Exfoliation is really important

It might sound like something they would do more women, this is one of the most effective ways to prepare your skin for shaving. Exfoliation also faces hair sideburns, they can be trimmed properly.

If you have a problem with peeling and dry skin and reverse growth?

Rub your face with emery cloth (in other words acid).

Which is better: Gillette safety razor, regular razor blade or electric?

The smoothest shave with knives, but it has it's drawbacks. With them it is much more likely to bring severe pseudofolliculitis of this is the medical name of those nasty red dots that go after shaving. Razor can sharpen the ends of your hair and as they grow, they can turn around and bring you reverse growth. The more blades, the more smoothly is shaving, but it increases the chance to cut. If you often get your blood running, start using an electric razor.

Have you had many times to trim sideburns while make them equal, that eventually you run out of them? The trick to make them symmetrical first time is this place the index finger horizontally exactly where you end sideburns. Look in the mirror at what level are your hands in that position if they are equal, then it's okay if one is down the other, take some of that country. The ideal length is when your sideburns cover one third of your ear.

Shaving the head with Gillette safety razor or regular safety razor

You can choose to shave your head for many reasons because it is a hairstyle that requires the least care because you are bald or because it suits you. How to do it in the best way, however?

Above all, use scissors or a trimmer to remove most of the hair. Then:

The scalp is not part of the face but still could be used Gillette safety razor.

Your scalp loves the person because there epidermis is thinner. Furthermore beard grows one hair from the root, while the hair of a bulb can go 4-5 hairs. If you shave your scalp, exfoliate it from the night before. After shaving rub with oil, adapted for this purpose, to soften the hair and skin moisturizer.

Use only the cream and foams without alcohol

Check the label for ingredients that end in "-ol". These are probably derived from the alcohol and further dried skin. Instead, look for natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil.

The pressure does not mean a closer shave.

Use short movements, no more than 3-4 inches. Major lines clog the blades with hair. Do not miss the chance of saving with Gillette Coupons and Gillette Printable coupons. Both provided as free samples and product discount razor samples.

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