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A Terrific Solution That Will Get You Thinking...

I came across a pretty good bargain reading Peishi's blog where you talked about her experience with this facial. I mean 2 facials for $120, WHY NOT. Turns out it was a pretty good experience.

I'm not going to tell you a grandmother story about this facial since you can read it right here, but here's a summary. Basically, this facial follows this process:

ultrasonic cleansing > microdermabrasion > extraction > ultrasonic nutrient delivery

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Unlike most facial places where they give you a gown to change into, at Dr-X, you can stay in your own clothes, you hair will be kept in a hair net.

1) Ultrasonic Cleansing

To be honest, I was expecting some shazam of an experience, I mean, IT IS ultrasonic after all. Okay, there wasn't any shazam but you can hear a faint high pitch sound. My consultant told me this was to loosen the impurities on the skin surface so it would be easier for extraction.

2) Microdermabrasion

This was a first and whole new experience for me. Previously, I learnt about it in a beauty elective in school (schools need more of these) and it seemed pretty painful. All in my imagination really. The diagram on my lecture notes gave me the impression it was some powerful vacuum sucking the dead cells of your skin. Okay, nothing like that. Anti-climax. It was pretty fun though- you hear some buzzing and vibration on your face. No pain. Then she showed me half of my face, HOLY MOLY. Y'know those before-after photos? Yeah, that was my face in the mirror- a whole shade lighter and the skin was a lot softer and smoother. I couldn't quite get over it.

3) Extraction

Normally, if I go to my usual facial place, extraction is really a nightmare. Many times I lie there and wonder why I put myself through all that. My skin was suffering from quite a breakout- it was in this transitional phase of adjusting to new products and basically, my skin was a wreck. The nurses weren't too sure whether to let me do the microdermabrasion earlier. I was expecting some pain and I told the lady that I was graduating the next day and not to have my face all peppered with red dots. IT DID NOT HURT AT ALL. 5 stars for this, really.

4) Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery

All I can remember is having some form of firming serum on my skin. My face felt it was botoxed (or what I would imagine to be at least). I could barely move a muscle and I'm not exaggerating. My face never felt so tight, I was almost scared something horrible would go wrong. Thankfully, the nurse assured me that the very tight feeling was due to a firming serum she used. Following, I had to be a corpse with a mask on for I have no clue how long.

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