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Choosing a spray tan kit

Spray tan kits come in a variety of sizes with numerous options. If you are having trouble deciding what features to look for or which brand to choose, take a look at some of the following recommendations. We think you'll agree that they are practical and make complete sense. Additionally, they favor value and reliability in spray tan kits and the products suggested.

Recommendations for Choosing Spray Tan Kits:

1. Decide what your ultimate purpose will be. Go beyond the store bought sunless tanning products and use professional equipment; you'll want to consider the right spray tan machine.

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If your spray tan kit and the tanning solutions will be specifically for your own personal use, then choose a compact spray tan machine that is lightweight and easy to carry, Look for a fine mist applicator and check that the machine features a slim, flexible hose for easier movement and flexibility during the tanning process.

If you are considering starting a spray tan business, you should consider a machine that you can use in a business setting but offers the portability of a personal spray tan machine.

2. Choose a Premium Spray Tanning Solution. Choosing an excellent spray tan solution is an essential part of spray tan kits. Professional grade tanning solutions make the difference between your spray tan looking homemade or flawless and beautiful.

Look for a brand that guarantees not to turn you orange. There are numerous questions regarding solution ingredients, so select a brand that is 100% plant certified organic, with no parabens. This will keep your skin healthy and protect you from possible allergies while also being eco-friendly.

3.A good preparation and maintenance kit contains a pH balance spray, hydrating and tan extending moisturizers as well as shower gels designed especially for spray tanned bodies. These types of spray tan kits will help you look your best and if you own a spray tan business, you should recommend these valuable products to your clients as they assist in developing long lasting spray tans with the perfect sun kissed glow. Great spray tan kits lead to great results which leads to satisfied customers.

4.Depending on your reasons for purchasing a spray tan kit, you'll want to make sure that the company you order from provides excellent customer service, a rock solid warranty and instructions on how to use their spray tan kits. Additionally, if you are ready to start a mobile spray tan business or start providing this service in your salon, purchase an entire spray tan kit from one company. Be sure the spray tan kits contain training information, press kit materials, spray tan technician certification, various business forms and a handbook to use when you have questions.

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