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The Timberwolves have long been an afterthought in the NBA world mainly because of their lack of talent. It has been a rough decade on fans trying to get a solid product on the floor that could legitimately compete in the west, but it seems as if those days are coming to an end in the near future. Minnesota has made moves in recent years that has put them in a position where their potential is finally leaning more towards promise than disappointment. That should be music to the ears ofMinnesotans everywhere. It has been a long time since 04 when Kevin Garnett helped lead this franchise to a No. 1 seed and Western Conference Finals. KG was an absolute game changer in his prime and will most likely be a first ballot Hall of Famer. This is the type of talent that is sorely missed by the Wolves, but it has come back around in the form of a young talent out of the University of Kentucky.

Karl Anthony-Towns was a bonafide star before he even touched an NBA ball. He is well deserving of being numero uno in last year's draft and is a rare mixture of height, length, potential, and skill. These attributes are already making Wolves fans everywhere wonder if they might have the building blocks coming in the near future to potentially challenge for a top spot in the west. If the T-Wolves are going to be making noise anytime soon, the big KAT will have to anchor down a team that includes quite a bit of other young talent. If his rookie year is of any indication, he will be more than up to the task. His humbleness and work ethic are what you see in superstar talent before they run over the league entirely.

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Towns isn't the only player with amazing potential. Andrew Wiggins is looking like he is well on his way to earning an All-Star berth at some point in his career, but of course this will all depend on the success of his team. Wiggins looked like an athletic freak at Kansas, although that wasn't enough to cover up how raw of a player he was. Fast-forward to his second year in the pros and you can tell that the former No. 1 pick has done what he can to polish his game off. He looks much more refined and is rounding into the player that the Timberwolves thought they we're receiving when they traded their franchise player in Kevin Love. The pair of Towns and Wiggins could be enough to put Minnesota on the map and the train of talent isn't close to done.

Hitting homeruns with young players isn't easy. The NBA does not have very many sure fire stars coming into the draft. Every player takes time to develop. Wiggins and Towns are developing at an accelerated pace and their counterparts on this team are following suit, even if it is to a little bit of a lesser extent. Zach Lavine is going to be the point guard for this team in the future. His athletic ability is off the charts as seen by anyone who witnessed the best dunk contest this generation has ever produced. Once he develops a consistent jumper and is given the reins of the offenselook out. Gorgui Dieng is another player on this roster that is flying under the radar and has the ability to turn into an advanced Serge Ibaka of this Minnesota team. He has athleticism, length, shooting ability, and is a decent defender. Let's not forget to mention that he is becoming a double-double machine.

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