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"feather hair extensions" review

Hello everyone!!

So I got my hair last week! Now this isn't something that happens all that often, perhaps every 3-4 months. I like to keep my hair long, with lots of short layers to add extravolumefor all that back combing!

So for me, getting my hair cut is a great way of (literally) having a weight lifted off my shoulders. i say this because i find it therapeutic, i physically feelbetterabout myself once my hair has had a good job, I feelrefreshedand exhilarated. i wouldhighlyrecommend a hair cut as a way of making you feel good about YOU! I have friends who despise getting haircuts and avoid it until absolutely necessary-this i will never understand. i know many people have had bad experiences and leave salons feeling very unhappy and dissatisfied with a haircut, which is such a shame, i think the key is to find a hairdresser you trust and be honestwith them.

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I've tried to be experimental with my hair however this is tricky due to wanting it to remain long and refusing to have hair dye anywhere near it! I was recently introduced to feather extensions on a photo shoot i did for Velvet Magazine, and instantly loved how they looked and so decided to get some put in my hair. There are so many colours and styles to chose from and they're all real feathers!!! they are easily put into your hair without damaging it and will stay in until removed.

The best thing is, you can continue styling, washing, blow drying your hair as normal and it doesn't effect them in any way. I wash my hair every other day, back comb it, brush knots out of it, blow dry it and they haven't budged at all. They stay in until you wish for them to be taken out, which again is a simple, quick and easy process your hairdresser can do for you. 🙂 here are some pics of mine and for more info on feather extensions, check out the lovely Phie and her website-if your local to Cambridge you should go get some done by her!

I am loving feather extensions, let me know if you've had any done, i'd love to see them!

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