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Lush Cosmetics Winter Haul!

I will come out and say it now I have an OBSESSION with Lush Cosmetics . Not obsession, but OBSESSION. I try to live my life as naturally and as organic as possible. Whatever kind of products I bring into my environment, I want it to be nontoxic for my body especially my skin. I am also completely against animal testing, and luckily so is Lush Cosmetics ! I always like to try different products, and Lush certainly has a plethora of options (even for people with allergies like me).

Flying Fox Body Wash It has a jasmine scent enough said!

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Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream I actually use this on my hands, feet, and elbows to deeply moisturize because those are my driest areas.

Mint Julips - Exfoliates dead skin off my lips for a clean, matte look (VERY useful before applying red lipstick!).

Ayesha Face Mask Made with kiwis and honey, it tightens and moisturizes which isso helpful in winter.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb I know I know, the namemakes me chuckle too, but the jasmine that is released from it automatically puts me in a good mood (it might also be that it turns my bath water pink see photo!)

Sakura Bath Bomb Made with my second favorite flower, the cherry blossom, it really relaxes me after a long day (and feels like I have been transported to a Japanese garden oasis).

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