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If you have a make-up addict in your life, there is more that you can...

If you have a make-up addict in your life, there is more that you can get them than just a gift card to their favorite make-up store. There are plenty of supplies and other things that you can purchase that lover of cosmetics that doesn't involve you knowing a bunch about it yourself.

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One great thing for anyone that has a large make-up selection is a make up bag. Bags range from small to large and can be cheap things that you find at a discount store to ones that are made by high-end handbag retailers. Make-up bags helps to keep everything organized so that it lasts longer and is easier to find. Remember, just because your make-up lover has a ton of stuff, doesn't mean you have to give her the largest bag you can find. Even women with the largest collections need different sized bags for different things, such as spending the day out or traveling for a weekend. Any size will work.

Brushes are absolutely essential when it comes to make-up since they allow someone to do fine detail and to get the look they want. While a woman may have over a dozen different brushes, it is always great to get a nice set since they usually have to be swapped out here or there with heavy use. A great place to find cheap makeup brushes is at The Salon Outlet, where you will be able to find a ton of brushes for every need.

A really good lighted mirror is a necessity for a make-up addict and is a great gift that you can get that does not involve make-up. There are options for makeup mirrors that cover all different price ranges. Keep the surface area of the mirror large so that it is comfortable to look at and make sure that there is a side that magnifies. Ease of use is also important. You want to make sure that bulbs are easy to find and change.

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