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7 Things Makeup Lovers Have in Common

It's no mystery that we makeup lovers share many of the same characteristics when it comes to this particular territory. We may not agree on the same skincare products or like similar shades of eye shadows but there are7 things we do have in common which I'm sure ring true across the board.

If you've already begun scanning the list finding yourself nodding "yes" to all of them throw ya hands in the ayer and wave 'em around like ya just don't care.

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Dare we begin.

  1. We spend money on makeup even though we can't exactly fit it into the budget that month (week, day.) There's aaalways wiggle room for makeup. Seriously, who needs to eat lunch? You gots eyeliner. *Okay, I'm being a wee bit dramatic but not really. I'd sacrifice food for makeup any day*
  2. We can never have enough. From new contour kits to liquid lipsticks, foundations and highlighters there's always something new that must be had. *Can't stop, won't stop*
  3. We don't really care when you tell us we wear "too much makeup." that much. Honestly, your opinion is your opinion but it's annoying when you feel the need to condescendingly tell us this. Who asked you boo? (See my Beauty Addict Confessional post here)
  4. We take pride in our makeup collection.A lot of makeup packaging, the look of the product itself, the smell (yes, the smell), the texture it's all beautiful. I could sit and organize or stare at my collection all day long and not get bored. For those of us who love our higher-end beauty products, we know that the price tag can be far from reasonable. Our hard earned dollars went into this massive stockpile and we're proud of what we've accumulated.
  5. We never pass up on a sample. Samples are free little gifts from the beauty gods which just so happen to be perfect for: traveling, trying new products, guests, throwing into your purse, adding to your beauty arsenal, etc. Do I need to go on?
  6. We appreciate a well-"beat" face. Oh, the slang and terms that have become popular these days. Don't even get me started. This whole "beat face" expression means your makeup is essentially "on point" and/or you've just had your makeup done/you've done it yourself. We understand the time and effort that's put forth to buff out that foundation, achieve that dewy glow, and blend the crap out of that eyeshadow. You go mamacita, go.
  7. We never get tired of compliments on our makeup. Pretty obvious because come on, who doesn't love a compliment? Especially a compliment for something you likely worked pretty hard on. Makeup is a creative outlet, career, and/or hobby for many individuals and we enjoy being taken seriously and acknowledged for our work.

We obviously care about important things aside from makeup like clothes, accessories, hair, and shoes. *I'm half kidding. Not that I need to justify myself but yes, I'm interested in the World and what is happening around us and away from us; I care about animals; the fact that poverty, starvation, and racism exists angers me; I worry about my loved ones; I enjoy experiencing nature and being surrounded by it, and surprise, surpriseI'm a human being.

We're not superficial.

We're fabulous and so are you.

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