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These days artificial beauty is the order of the day. People have no problems going in for artificial beauty treatments like nose jobs, hair extensions etc. Many people are going for hair extensions because of many reasons like if the texture of your hair is not good you can cut your hair short and add extensions of the desired length. Hair take almost two years to grow long enough them to flow at your back and by the time people have hair that long the hairstyle might change and you might feel bad cutting them short again after increasing there length over such a long time.

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The order of the day is natural hair extensions, which uses human hair for extension and not synthetic or artificial hair. Synthetic hair can be differentiated from natural hair and it can become quite embarrassing for the person while it is very difficult to differentiate natural hair extension from our normal hair and we can flaunt it as we want to. Synthetic or artificial hair needs to be colored and textured before they can be attached to your head and most of the times this color cannot be changed. Hair extensions can be priced according to their quality and texture and the price can vary a great deal. They are also available in different lengths to suit different hairstyles.

The hair extensions can be attached to your existing hair or the can be weaved into your head. Attaching hair to the existing hair is a better option as they can be removed as and when needed and we don't need to carry them around with us always. But if you are not able to bear the weight of the extensions and have soreness or pain in the scalp you can for a wig because the wigs available these days are as good as natural and no one can tell the difference between the natural hair and a wig. The problem with attaching the extensions to your existing hair is that the existing hair need to be treated with a lot of chemicals to attach the artificial extensions and might cause some damage to your existing hair. There are a lot of options available in the market and you can choose one that sits you the best.

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